The Olive Oil Mill

Maximum cleaning and extraction temperature control.

The Proemio mill in Colonnella is characterized by a rigorously “cold” extraction system with a three phase continuous cycle. Passion, information and care for detail are transmitted to the final consumer.

The processing plant, ensuring maximum cleanliness and a strict control of the extraction temperatures, allows to obtain a very high quality extra virgin olive oil. The crushing phase, which causes the breaking of fruits and which forms the olive paste, is preceded by a preparatory phase of deramifogliation and washing in order to remove field residues, mainly leaves and soil.

The olive paste is stirred within malaxers at a maximum temperature of 27°C in order to promote the separation of the oil and the formation of the precious aromatic bouquet, characteristic of high quality oils. The oils are naturally decanted in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature and lack of oxygen and filtered before being packaged.